Arrow has his big surgery tomorrow morning. We finally have the funds for him to get his cysts removed. He has one larger one on his hip and another in his armpit. I cannot wait for him to get back to normal and not have to worry about the back one affecting his legs. He’s been fine with them, but I know they bother him and I don’t want them to turn into something worse. Of course I am a worried as fuck mother and am freaking out about it. We have to drop him off tomorrow morning and wait for them to call when it is over and we can come pick him up. I love him so much, he is my world, so please send him good thoughts and a healthy and fast recovery, it would mean so much to me, and I know he would appreciate it. Thought I’d add some Arrow spam because I have so much of it and he is the most handsome guy ever. 

Oh but side note, you know the whole brushing teeth thing? They are going to deep clean his teeth when he is taking a nap :) 

  1. unepetitesouris said: your yard, is like, fuckin perfect. i love the long grass and the weird trees. uber jealz.
  2. mollyfamous said: Oh, lots of love and good vibes for Arrow! Hope it goes smoothly! Let us know?
  3. icelandicbutterflies said: hes a cutie! good wishes going your way.
  4. 122782 said: Aww, have to meet this babe. Sending good vibes his way! Baby Sam has to get his teeth cleaned soon, too.
  5. funwithplantingplans said: awww good luck Arrow you poor baby! Happy, healthy, doggie thoughts for you from me! Side note: I see all your SK books on the shelf back there, nice, very nice.
  6. suchacard said: Hope it goes well :) he’s beautiful
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